Sustainable development – Do-Met



DO-MET, a leader in the industrial sector, not only achieves success in production and innovation but also sets an example in sustainable development. By consistently engaging in actions aimed at minimizing negative environmental impact and supporting the local community, DO-MET demonstrates its commitment to long-term environmental protection.

One of DO-MET’s significant achievements is the implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO/TS 22163 certifications. The ISO 14001 certification pertains to environmental management systems, while ISO 45001 focuses on occupational health and safety management. These certifications enable the company to effectively control and minimize its environmental footprint and ensure safe working conditions for its employees. Additionally, ISO/TS 22163 certification, focusing on quality management systems in the railway sector, underscores DO-MET’s high standards and commitment to meeting industry requirements.

Investing in renewable energy sources marks another step towards DO-MET’s sustainable development. Through the installation of photovoltaic panels, the company enhances its energy independence and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy as an alternative power source contributes to energy savings and mitigates environmental impact. This investment underscores DO-MET’s dedication to long-term care for the planet.

DO-MET also takes concrete actions to minimize the consumption of cutting fluids. Through innovative technological solutions and production process optimization, the company has nearly eliminated the need for cutting fluid replacement. This achievement significantly reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.

DO-MET actively supports local social initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to the development of the communities in which it operates. One example is the sponsorship of the “Do-Met Bukowsko MTB Marathon 2023” – an event attracting mountain biking enthusiasts from various regions. By supporting such initiatives, DO-MET contributes to creating a healthy, active community and promotes a positive lifestyle.

Another important aspect of sustainable development at DO-MET is the subsidization of regenerative meals for employees. Recognizing the importance of healthy nutrition for employees’ well-being and productivity, the company provides subsidies for nutritious meals. This initiative supports employees in accessing healthy, wholesome meals, enhancing their regeneration and energy levels at work.

DO-MET demonstrates that sustainable development not only benefits the environment but also brings advantages to the local community and employees. Through the implementation of ISO certifications, investments in renewable energy sources, reduction of cutting fluid consumption, support for local social initiatives, and subsidization of regenerative meals, DO-MET sets an example of an ethical and sustainable enterprise. Through its achievements and dedication, DO-MET shows that sustainable development is a crucial investment in a better future for our planet.