Sustainable Development at DO-MET: Investing in the Future – Do-Met

Sustainable Development at DO-MET: Investing in the Future

Date: 07.07.2023

DO-MET, a leading company in the industrial sector in Poland, is committed to promoting sustainable development and taking actions to minimize its environmental impact while supporting the local community. Through the implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO/TS 22163 certifications, DO-MET demonstrates its dedication to environmental management, ensuring safe working conditions, and meeting industry-specific quality standards.

The ISO 14001 certification focuses on environmental management systems, allowing DO-MET to effectively control and minimize its impact on the environment. The company monitors resource consumption, emissions, and energy efficiency, continuously striving to improve its production processes in terms of environmental protection.

Similarly, the ISO 45001 certification addresses occupational health and safety, reflecting DO-MET’s commitment to providing safe working conditions for its employees. Implementing this standard enables the company to identify and minimize work-related hazards while fostering a culture of safety in the workplace.

In addition to certifications, DO-MET invests in renewable energy sources as part of its sustainable development efforts. Through the installation of photovoltaic panels, DO-MET increases its energy independence and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Harnessing solar energy as an alternative power source allows the company to achieve energy savings and minimize its environmental impact.

DO-MET also takes specific measures to minimize the use of machining coolant. Through innovative technological solutions and process optimization, the company has almost completely eliminated the need for coolant replacement. This significant achievement contributes to waste reduction and minimizes the company’s environmental footprint.

DO-MET actively supports local social initiatives, exemplified by its sponsorship of events like the “Do-Met Bukowsko MTB Marathon 2023”. By sponsoring such initiatives, DO-MET engages in the development of the local community and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The “Do-Met Bukowsko MTB Marathon 2023” attracts mountain biking enthusiasts from various regions, and DO-MET’s sponsorship contributes to the success and promotion of the event and the region.

Furthermore, DO-MET demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being by providing financial support for regenerative meals. The company recognizes the importance of healthy nutrition for the well-being and productivity of its employees. By subsidizing regenerative meals, DO-MET ensures that its employees have access to nutritious and balanced meals, supporting their recovery and energy levels at the workplace.

DO-MET serves as an exemplary model of an ethically and sustainably driven company. Through the implementation of ISO certifications, investment in renewable energy, reduction of coolant usage, support for local social initiatives, and subsidization of regenerative meals, DO-MET actively contributes to environmental protection, community development, and employee well-being. By showcasing its achievements and commitment, DO-MET highlights that sustainable development is not only a responsible choice but also a strategic investment in a better future for our planet.